[INFOGRAPHIC] Inside Barangaroo

barangaroo-infographicRecently opening its first stage of development to the public, the multi-million dollar Barangaroo project is anticipated to redefine the way Sydney's local residents and visitors live, work and relax. Built along Sydney's former Darling harbour east precinct, Barangaroo marks one of Australia's most significant construction projects in decades. This infographic covers some of the most significant stats surrounding the project. Here's a few reasons why it's been so significant... 

barangaroo infographic

Since construction began in 2012, the positive impact that the development has created is already being felt across all facets of the economy - from job creation in the design, building and construction industries, to retail, tourism and business. Who knows how monumental these benefits will be by 2022, when development is complete? 


barangaroo infographic

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